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The Most Comprehensive Range of Surveying Services


Linke & Linke Surveys offer a comprehensive range of surveying services throughout Australia servicing private, commercial, local government and state/federal government clients. Whether as Building Surveyors, Cadastral Surveyors, Land Surveyors, Boundary Surveyors and more, Linke & Linke Surveys have the experienced team of field based experts with the latest in technology and equipment combined with an extensive track record to deliver absolute results on any project.




Leaders in LIDAR Surveying


LIDAR (Light Imaging, Detection and Ranging) survey technology is a remote sensing method used to examine and measure ground surface. It measures the distance to a target by illuminating the target with a pulsed laser light and measuring the reflected pulses with a sensor. It is unique in its ability to penetrate thick vegetation, which in many instances was previously inaccessible using traditional survey methods.LIDAR surveying is often collected by air, most commonly using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), however it can be deployed using a range of static and moving techniques.


The Benefits of LIDAR


LIDAR survey technology can significantly increase accuracy, time and return on investment.Benefits include:

  • Significant reduction in survey cost and time, allowing projects to maintain critical path (and in some instances return projects to schedule)

  • Data mapping through thick vegetation and unstable and steep terrain

  • Access to restricted and unsafe land zones

  • Improved processing times

  • Ability to capture high degree of detail

  • Quality assured, spatially accurate and easily comparable databases

LIDAR surveying is ideal for mapping inaccessible areas such as bushland and disaster zones, as well as public areas with high traffic. LIDAR survey technology is particularly applicable to GIS teams as it can provide highly detailed information. For example automated tree, power line and pot hole data extraction, including:

  • Tree crown diameter

  • Tree trunk diameter

  • Tree height

  • Tree head clearance 

  • Tree/power line overhang of property boundaries

  • Power line / tree clearance

  • Clash with power lines or trees Encroachment

Our LIDAR platform can be attached to the Following.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  • Motor Vehicle/Mobile Mapper

  • Boat
  • Wearable Mobile Mapping.

UAV/Drone Aerial Surveying


Leaders in UAV Surveying


Utilising purpose built, ultra-light weight aircraft piloted remotely by highly trained experts, Linke & Linke Surveys can survey vast areas with significantly reduced cost and resources to create highly accurate maps that provide valuable data across a wide range of client requirements.


The Benefits of UAV


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveying can be incorporated into any Project information and reporting requirement. UAVs are ideal for land surveying projects as they can significantly increase accuracy, time and return on investment. Benefits include:

  • Highly accurate, high-definition maps created in a fraction of the time as compared to traditional methods

  • A multitude of flexible and tailored data is more easily gathered by the UAV including photography, Lidar and video, requiring significantly less labour requirement

  • All information can be instantly uploaded to a central point where it can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world

  • Easier access to difficult/remote or dangerous locations to reduce cost and safety risk

  • Precise volume calculations of complex surfaces

UAV Key Features


Some of the key features that can be generated by UAV surveying include (but are not limited to):

  • High resolution spatial correct photogrammetry image in 3D pdf format, enabling coordinates and distances to be measured

  • Orthographic Photo 

  • Colourised Mesh Model

  • Point Cloud 

  • Google Earth Tiles for easy viewing

  • UAV platform with 8kg payload capacity

These are just a few of the reasons why this technology has been so important to the surveying industry. Linke & Linke Surveys remain at the forefront of UAV usage in Australia and continue to research the latest in technology and systems to continue improving UAV survey services for client cost and outcome benefits.


3D Laser Scanning


Cost Effective and Highly Accurate 3D Laser Surveying


L&L employs 3D Laser Scanning for complex featuresrequiring rapid capture, density of points and millimetreprecision. Suitable for initial details survey or as-builtdocumentation L&L can tailor a solution to meet yourneeds.


Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning:


  • Survey of limited access or unsafe areas

  • Surface Deformation Monitoring

  • Less man hours required in the field

  • Cost effective

  • High accuracy

  • High level of detail

  • Larger data quantities

  • Less intrusive

  • Indoor or outdoor usage

  • Multiple output formats including 2d floor plan, 3d textured model or a fly-by visualisation

  • Multiple formats including Point clouds, dwg/dxf, pdf, 3d pdf, .jpg, DTM, TIN, OBJ, Truview

Laser Scanning is ideal for mapping of complex shapes, particularly in high traffic areas or areas offering limited access time. In a field which is continuously changing, Linke & Linke Surveys are constantly researching technology and systems to remain at the forefront of 3D Laser scanning technology to ensure the ultimate in precision and accuracy with all projects.


3D Modelling


Making It Easier to Get the Job Done


3D Modelling allows Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Heritage Consultants, Service Consultants, Retail and Commercial property owners and anyone else who needs access to the complete picture, the ability to have all the information presented to them in a meaningful and survey accurate format. 

 Survey Accurate 3D Models can be generated on a wide range of projects with flexible output formats including 2D plans, 3D plans and models, Point Cloud and Truview Imagery.


Common usages include:


  • Building Design and Refurbishment

  • Facade Scanning

  • Heritage Documentation

  • Confined Spaces Surveys

  • 3D Topographical Surveys

  • Scan to BIM

  • Accident sites

  • Civil earthworks volume calculations

  • Civil and Structural

  • MEP models

  • Multiple formats including Point clouds, dwg/dxf, pdf, 3d pdf, .jpg, DTM, TIN, OBJ, Truview

Survey Control Networks


Exceptional Accuracy Guaranteed


Survey Control provides the physical positional frameworkfor spatially referenced projects. This is a requirement forall survey applications such as surveys for design,construction set-out and cadastral backgrounds. 

The specific types of Survey Control implemented willvary depending on the required application or projectrequirement. These include Geodetic control surveyswhich are typically performed to establish a controlnetwork (framework) from which supplemental surveyingand mapping work are performed. Horizontal geodeticcontrol networks utilising GPS and Total Station toprovide positional information.




Accurate and Consistent Monitoring Solutions


Linke & Linke undertake monitoring surveys to identify movement or deformation in any environment using precise Survey instruments. Our monitoring techniques are highly scalable and we can map small changes in vertical movement, or full 3D XYZ coordinate differences in either real-time or over long periods to demonstrate changes and trends.


Some of the Monitoring solutions that can be implanted include:


  • Installation of ground support monitoring systems

  • Rock mass movement

  • Performance of ground support and correct installation procedure

  • Pavement Monitoring

  • Rail and Platform monitoring

  • Settlement monitoring in preload area

  • 2D and 3D measurement and modelling

  • Any Structure

Monitoring may be required by statutory authorities on large projects, particularly when projects are close to sensitive structures (e.g. heritage buildings), services or built-up areas).


Subdivision, Land Development & Property Boundaries


Surveying Services for Land Development


For clear and accurate Boundary Surveys and Lease Surveys, contact the expert team at Linke & Linke Surveys. Understanding local government and council requirements is paramount for effective and accurate Boundary Surveys and Lease Surveys. 

Using the latest in technology, the Linke & Linke Survey team are proud of their reputation to deliver rapid, accurate and highly detailed survey information. 


Boundary and Lease Surveys include:


  • Identification Surveys

  • Boundary Mark-Outs

  • Boundary Redefinition/Boundary Reinstatement

  • Easement Surveys

  • Mean High Water (Tidal) Mark Boundary Determinations

  • Lease of Land

  • Lease of Premises - Survey of tenancies of premises (Retail, Commercial or Industrial premises).

  • Infrastructure envelopes (bridges, tunnels) for issuing of titles (or easements)
  • Preparation of Subdivision Development applications and draft subdivision plans

  • Manage the subdivision process through to the issuing of titles for new lots



About Drone Thermal Imaging


Our aerial thermal imaging surveys can detect and accurately locate faulty cells, string-errors, organic debris, defective diodes and PID faults on solar farm installations. Our drones conduct technical inspections using specialist,purpose-built thermal imaging cameras that are an ideal solution for identifying thermal anomalies and maximising energy production. 

Faulty cells operate at a temperature (hot or cold) different to that of normal cells, meaning we can easily pin-point the location of cell faults either by GPS – referenced to a site map – or by using graphical overlays. Thermal imaging cameras are capable of detecting minor temperature differences caused by stray currents in crystalline photovoltaic modules (known as potential induced performance degradation or PID) the following defect can be:


  • Modules in open circuit

  • Modules in short circuit

  • Broken glass

  • Sunstring is short circuit

  • Cell failure

  • Dirt on cell/string/modules

Linke & Linke have multiple trained Level 1 Certified Infrared Thermographers– which meet the requirements for undertaking infrared solar farm surveys to ​IEC 62446-3:2017: Non-Destructive Testing – Outdoor Infrared Thermography of Photovoltaic Modules and Plants