When Experience Matters


Linke & Linke Surveys are survey consultants with over 40 years of experience in a wide range of industries and major infrastructure projects across all sectors including Private, all levels of Government and the Defence industry.  


Civil, Construction & Engineering


Unmatched History in Successful Civil Construction Project Delivery


Boasting an unsurpassed track record in Civil Construction Surveying with more than 40 years of experience, Linke & Linke Surveys have been instrumental in delivering on some of Australia’s highest profile engineering projects. With a fully equipped field team of highly experienced survey experts backed by the latest in equipment and technology, Linke & Linke Surveys are proud of their proven ability to deliver the highest quality outcomes for some of Australia's most challenging engineering projects.


Linke & Linke Surveys provide engineering and construction surveying solutions for a range of requirements including:

  • Road formation

  • Road Alignment Design

  • Railway alignments

  • Bridge Construction

  • Concrete footing set-out

  • Hold down bolts

  • Structural Steel erection

  • Drainage construction

  • Building setouts

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Unsurpassed History in Airport Surveying


Boasting an impressive history of experience in Airport surveying throughout Australia and internationally, Linke & Linke Surveys are unsurpassed in understanding the strict and critical requirements of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Australia. Surveys for large scale airfield mapping, design and construction have been carried out at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Darwin & Cocos Island International Airports.


Linke & Linke Surveys range of airport survey services include:

  • Runway Overlay Surveys

  • Feature Surveys

  • Engineering and Construction Surveying

  • Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Surveys

  • Obstacle Limitation Charts

  • Helicopter Landing Site Surveys

  • NAVAID geodetic surveys

  • Lighting Commissioning and Set Out Surveys

  • Aerodrome Registration Surveys

  • Apron and Line-marking Surveys

  • Aerodrome Plans (in accordance with AC 139-17)

  • Compass Swing Site Surveys

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Exceptional Accuracy and Timely Delivery of Rail Surveying


With an extensive history of over 40 years providing the complete range of survey consulting services to all industries, Linke & Linke Surveys have amassed a successful history in delivering on Rail infrastructure projects throughout Australia. With a comprehensive understanding of relevant codes of practice including all specifications and alignment requirements, our expert team will deliver outstanding results of exemplary accuracy in rapid timeframes.


Rail services include:

  • Accurate rail measurement

  • Machine control guidance systems for any applicable machine type

  • Volumetric surveying, analysis and generation of reports

  • Audit surveys

  • Validation, reporting and handover documentation

  • Control network establishment

  • Monitoring Surveys

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Government and Defence


Expert Surveyors for Government and Defence


With more than 40 years working with all areas of Government including local government, state government, federal government and the Defence forces, Linke & Linke Surveys have a long and highly successful track record of delivering the full range of surveyor services across the country.Whether the requirement is for airport, road, rail, maritime or other major infrastructure project, Linke & Linke Surveys have the deep understanding of the rules, regulations and strict conformance guidelines to deliver on any Government Survey requirement


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Roads and Maritime Services


The requirements to provide the complete range of survey services for Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) requires a deep understanding of the complex specifications as detailed by RMS. The Linke & Linke Surveys have a Quality System developed for use with roadworks and bridgeworks contracts by Roads and Maritime.The team of field surveyors at Linke & Linke Surveys have a deep understanding of the Quality Assurance Specifications and conformance to the set of guidelines set out in G71.


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Cost Savings and Rapid Delivery with Architectural and BIM Modelling


Architecture modeling covers the overall architecture of a building while incorporating structural and MEP services within the model. It describes the component collaboration including static (structure) modelling which represents the components, their dependencies, and their interfaces, and dynamic (behavioral) modelling which defines the component interactions and protocols.Linke & Linke Surveys utilise the latest in architectural CAD engineering services include 3D modeling, Building Information Modelling (BIM), 2D drafting and detailing, CAD conversion and Point Cloud services to deliver on these requirements. With an extensive track record in all aspects of Architectural and BIM survey requirements, Linke & Linke Surveys can guarantee an optimum result on any project.


Building Information Modelling (BIM)


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a building which has significantly improved the process of building design, construction and management.


Some of the benefits of BIM include:

  • Rapid delivery
  • Cost savings

  • Enhanced visualisation

  • Flexible creation and usage of construction documentation

  • Improved information flow and communication across all stakeholders

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